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How to choose the right shorts – models and patterns that you need to pay attention to

The year and women’s legs are in unbridled love. So it becomes even hotter.

And how to make your feet and sexpill best come true, but in one fantastic shawl. Here are some things you can pay attention when choosing your favorite summer piece.

Choose high-tech shorts
Shingles with high waist are so feminine, sophisticated and elegant. In a high-tech shoe, your legs will look longer and the waist tightens. Combined with a crop top or off-the shoulder blues is ideal for the beach, and with a little spell you will shine in the city.

Choose a set – upper and lower part in the same design
Do you remember when our moms dressed in “sets”, the top and bottom part in the same color and / or pattern ?! This trend is back in fashion and it works like “girlboss”.

Choose broader models
Why not?! Buy shorts for a number larger. You feel extremely comfortable and comfortable, and your legs will look thinner and longer.

Try lace shorts
Nothing is so romantic, feminine and put, summer, like a lace, and imagine a little lace on shorts now. You can get an extremely elegant result for an evening or festive occasion, if you pair with heels and a lace blouse or blazer. And if you wear the most ordinary cotton shirt and straight espadriles, you will get a perfect chic look.

Design: floral, marine stripe or animal print
Tropical motifs, flower patterns and strips are the right choice for the year. Animal print works a bit more serious. Paired with a one-color T-shirt will give you a flawless summer style.

Shorts with a belt
If you choose irresistible models with a belt, or belt that, for example, connects around the waist in a bow, then you do not need any jewelry, because you are already perfectly stylized.

Shorts with sets
Šortići with sets, steering wheels and fluffs in which you will feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as ultra sexy, seductive and feminine, are the right choice for going out. Fashion bloggers like to say that this shorts is a new slipdress.

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