Our warm weather has arrived, and with it the season of shorts! We are sure that a lot of you adore this garment that gives you a sense of leisure and comfy, stretches your legs and is suitable for both daytime and evening variations – all depending on what you combine it with.

If you have more stuff

When you wear a shawl, always put a strap to emphasize the waist and never obstruct the footwear with a high heel, whether it’s a scissor or a platform. It will stretch your legs and make them slimmer. Also, avoid cuts and short cuts and decide for more comfortable models. For you are the ideal choice and sets – shorts and jackets or longer jackets that will create a balance. Do not wear t-shirts with shorts, do not worry, but choose the lighter blouses that you can slip into shorts. We recommend that you place a belt that will emphasize your waist.
Upgrade the challenging, romantic and erotic topo in the boho style with the same kind of hair: free, discouraged, uncomfortable and released. If you decide to capture your hair in a tail, a scarf or a kiku, let it be messy, you’re stuck with a messy boho hairstyle.

Seductive and sexy, in this fashion combination, you will be the main star wherever you appear. The combination is perfect for relaxed and casual occasions, such as a beach, a swimming pool, a nearby city beach, and an evening out. Over the course of the day, you will look great with a chic sunglasses and a straw hat, and in the evening, you can upgrade your look with a blazer or a summer, flying dress of interesting design in unavoidable boho style, of course, as well as platforms or stitches.

Tall Girls

Blouse should always go over the shorts to make a balance with your long legs. If you love short jackets, feel free to wear them, because the blouse is what makes the right proportion. Of course, the legs should be in the foreground – the best choice of footwear: leather sticks, although you can freely choose for ballet and even deep models of footwear on the hat, because you have enough long legs that can do it, ”, but do not shave you. If your legs are skinny, avoid too many wrinkles.


Buy shorts for a number larger. You feel extremely comfortable and comfortable, and your legs will look thinner and longer.

lace shorts

Nothing is so romantic, feminine and put, summer, like a lace, and imagine a little lace on shorts now.


Tropical motifs, flower patterns and strips are the right choice for the year. Animal print works a bit more serious.

with sets

If you choose irresistible models with a belt, or belt that, for example, connects around the waist in a bow.

Today, we will show you our ideas for a summer autofit in which you will look fantastic, and which of course involve highly skilled shorts, as well as several tips for good combination with other clothes, as well as footwear.
Highly structured shards stand out for everyone, regardless of the material. I can visually make you higher and legs longer, so this is one of the main reasons why you should have it in your closet. They can be found in many styles, colors, as well as from different materials so you can make different combinations and always look modern and beautiful in every occasion.

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The summer fashion combination is more sexy

A wide toy just does not slip down the chest. The oval calf drops to the half of the muscle, revealing the shoulder, and the loose, long, relaxed burlaps fall flat down the shoulders, giving the whole look to the note of eroticism, to which the stronger sex can not resist. In these pleasant, wide tops in pastel, gentle and sweetish colors, and best in white, you will feel extremely relaxed and relaxed, and at the same time very sexy and attractive.